Alliance  Vehicles 
unlimited range, all-electric 
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Unlimited Range, All-Electric Vehicles

Alliance Vehicles Inc. is the developer of a standardized battery module system which will permit tomorrow's
all-electric vehicles to operate without range restrictions.





AV Police Interceptor





Alliance Vehicles Fleet Vehicles

The Alliance Vehicles battery module system powers vehicles of any size.
The Alliance Vehicles Police Interceptor has unlimited range with battery
changes between shifts.
Because it has the efficiency of electric power, it accelerates from 0 - 60mph
in less than 4 seconds.
Because it has no transmission, internal-combustion engine, or heat-producing parts, it can be operated with minimal maintenance for 1 million miles.







Hand-Changable Battery Modules

AV battery modules permit any vehicle equipped with them to have unlimited range because of simple changability.
AV battery modules can incorporate any batteries within them, and are adaptable with advancing battery technology.


Alliance Vehicles
3571 Far West Blvd. #72
Austin, TX 78731